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World’s Biggest Hawaiian Cane Spider ATTACKS HOUSE

World’s Biggest Hawaiian Cane Spider ATTACKS HOUSE.
Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider is world's biggest. Mutated Angolan witch banana spider.
Is this finally photographic evidence of the rare Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider?

This story about a man living in Hawaii was shared on Facebook recently along with this frightening image.
Along with the image was this quote...
This morning I heard something climbing around on the outside of my townhouse. I thought maybe it was the maintenance people repairing the Hard plank siding, but when I got outside I saw this giant spider! The very rare Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider can grow up to six feet across. They are 'mostly harmless' but scary as hell.

don't tell me something that is 6 feet across and can spin a web around your car is mostly harmless. But scary as hell.”
I'm an arachnaphobe, this is only a 1mm long and is scary as hell 6 feet across is a Jurassic Park type dinosaur apocalypse.

Stories about the Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider say they are so big, that it has been known to eat cats and dogs and if you needed to kill it..like when its eating coco the cockapoo, it would take seveal bullets to do so...once again it's mostly harmless.


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