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This Kind of Cancer Develops Very Fast, And Many People Think That It Is Just Acid Reflux

The estimated numbers show that the esophageal cancer is continually increasing. By 2025, it could be a major problem. Unfortunately, the symptoms are usually similar to some other conditions as difficulties with swallowing and acid reflux. That is the main reason why people are not diagnosed and treat on time. Medical experts warn us that these symptoms should not be ignored because it may end up fatal. Like the story with Jay Rensberger from America who was one of those patients.

To be exact, Jay would not like to visit a specialist in spite of the fact that he experienced indigestion for quite a while until his wife constrained him.

To begin with he attempted to take care of his issue with prescriptions yet the indications were far and away more terrible so specialists sent him to do an endoscopy. That is a methodology which is utilized for examination of the throat and gastrointestinal tract. After the examination, he was determined to have throat malignancy which was promptly uprooted by an operation. We can say that Jay was sufficiently fortunate on the grounds that the tumor was found on time.

The main reason why the death rate is high and only 20% of people manage to survive from esophageal cancer. People do not pay enough attention to the symptoms. Sometimes difficult swallowing and acid reflux can be a sign of this disease. Men are affected four times more than women with this type of cancer.

Michael Sprang, professor of gastroenterology at the Medical University of Illinois claims that if a person only has problems with acid reflux she/he shouldn’t panic. It is kind of concerning when the acid reflux doesn’t stop even after treatment and medications.


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