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This Couple Just Found out their Cute Cat has Male and Female Genitalia. They were Shocked.

Brian Green, a retrired caretaker went to a vet to neuter their kitten, instead they got a call few days later that their cat has male and female genitiala. For the Couple it was a news which left them a little astonished. Brian has 18 cats and he loves all of them. Twinkle, a 6 month old Kitten was called for regular check-up.

Brian, from Norris Green near Liverpool, told the Liverpool Echo: “It hasn’t sunk in yet.

“We always thought she was a female cat so we were amazed when the vet phoned us back. At first I was very worried that something had gone wrong." Brian said that he and his wife thought that their kitten was female. After consulting the Vet, the couple has decided to remove Kitten's male parts.




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