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This Brain Exercise Is The Most Powerful One You’ll Ever Do

If you could create the most perfect day imaginable, what would it look like? Many people go about their days on autopilot, without making intentions or planning ahead for what they desire more of. In life, we all must make choices. Sometimes, the vast options available can make it quite overwhelming to forge ahead in any set direction, and we tend to just stay stuck where we are because it feels secure.

However, as the popular saying, growth never happens in the safety net, in the quiet shelter and security of the familiar. If we want growth and change to happen in our lives, we have to take action. And the first step to initiating change is to create a plan of action. If you don’t plan what you want and set clear goals, you set yourself up for failure long before you even begin.

In order to transform your life, you need some sort of template to follow, a guideline that you can refer to so you can better optimize your days.


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