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The Woman Without Wrinkles: She Is 33 and Uses Only 2 Ingredients to Beautify

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra (33), in addition to acting, she has conquered the world with its natural beauty and revealed its domestic cosmetic preparation for beautification. Rule number one stands out regular hydration.

“Hydration, hydration, hydration! You must be sure that you clean your face before going to sleep, no matter what, “said the actress for Hello! The only ritual that used to nourish hair Priyanka says that the homemade mask of yogurt and lemon.

“I use yogurt for my hair and skin. For hair mix half a cup of yogurt (for hydration) and two tablespoons of lemon juice (for exfoliation). Rub the hair down to the root, let it rest for half an hour and wash. then wash with shampoo that’s it! “Reveals the actress.

It also shows that the confidence provided that your hair and skin shines from within.




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