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The Horrific Japanese Village Performs Annual Tradition Of Slaughering Dolphins Since 17th Century.

Dolphins are one of the cutest and the most intelligent aquatic mammals we can find. What if we tell you that there is a village in japan that performs the heinious act of murdering several dolphins annually.

And not just recently they have been doing this since the 17th century. This village is called Taiji, it is a coastal village. It's entire population is of of 3,500 people. They have a dolphin hunting season from September to March every year. Local fishermen are permitted by the government to hunt and nearly 2,000 dolphins. The government claims to defend this practice by saying it is traditional practice.

while the environmentalist strictly oppose this brutal mass killing and have tried to reason with the government but yet to no avail. The locals however defend their case by saying Ithat they view dolphins and whales as a legitimate marine resource, and that the hunt, a local tradition, was integral to the town's economic survival.




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