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Skeletons Found Beneath Rome Are Decorated With Stunning Jewels

Have you seen the corpses lavishly decorated with gold and precious stones? Many historical incidents carry wonders, surprises, and mysteries. Some of them will make your jaw drop. And the story of catacomb saints is one of them.
Catacombs of Rome includes the tombs of early Christian saints. The skeletons of the most important Christian leaders were discovered in 1578. Most of the skeletons were distributed across Europe as the replacements of the holy artifacts were destroyed or harmed during the Protestant Reformation. Once delivered, the skeletons were adorned with the lavish costumes and precious jewels. After that, the fascinating corpses were displayed at many places, and many of them remain to reveal to the public.

Paul Koudounaris, an author and photographer from Los Angeles in his book 'Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures & Spectacular Saints from the Catacombs' depicts the existence and mystery of those saints. This is how people show respect to these great leaders.




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