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RESIDENT EVIL Stuntwoman Will Have Her Arm Removed Because Of A Shocking Accident

Making films is not an easy job. A film needs a talented group of people to pull off the job: a director, producers, actors, actresses, makeup artists, cameramen, animators, cinematographers, musicians, and last but not least, stuntmen and women. Thus, when an accident happens during a movie shooting, it is with utter sadness that we accept what has happened. The final Resident Evil movie is currently being made, and a stuntwoman got into a serious accident.

Remember people, being a stunt performer can not only hurt you, but it might also kill you. Indeed, they are paid well, but it is justified because they keep the actors safe from any real sense of danger. They are the people who make sure that the most gripping and exhilarating scenes are captured for us, the audience, to see in the theaters.


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