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From Outside This House Is Simple. It's Worth? $29 Million, This Will Leave You Stunned.

Like any other house, you come across the sidewalk of NYC- this house has an undistinguished appearance. But once you enter the house, it is surely one of a kind. I wouldn't be wrong to call it an epitome of grandeur and luxury.

Some Highlights of the house include that it is located right in the heart of Upper East Side, New York City. 107 East 61st Street, has a garage that can house two cars! A good parking space is a rare sight in NYC. Also, it has a huge indoor pool.

Business Insider listed it as the House of the day on January 21, 2015. If you happen to be looking for a house in NYC with a budget that grand, you can look up for it here.
To have a closer look at this wonderful property and to know more about it how magnificent it is, just scroll down further.




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