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Dogs worldwide wish this lucky man a very happy birthday.

Sara (Krabby Patty on Reddit) did a sweet and adorable request on Reddit. She requested that her friend Peter's birthday is on 12th August and she wanted to present a gift. She needed something different and unique which will be memorable. Sara and Peter both met on reddit and love dogs and used to share the picture of dogs with each other. Sara requested all the redditors throughout the world to share the images of their dogs with a birthday sign which states "Parabéns Pedro! Beijinhos da tua amiga que te adora, Sara" (Translation: Congratulations Peter! Kisses from your friend who loves you, Sara)
This was taken very supportively by all redditors and the response was overwhelming for Sara. She received the images of many dogs. It made her happy and she shared her delight with every redditor by thanking them. We wish Peter a very happy birthday in advance.




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