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Couple On Vacation To Mashobra Hills Met A Driver Who Changed Their Idea Of Life

They met by chance and separated, but their hearts stayed connected.

In a hectic life where our travel starts with opening the laptop to visit new Google tabs and ends with mobile screen light piercing through our retina, it is only a dream to take out time for actual traveling. And if you are the CEO of a budding startup, then your customized dictionary has already got the word 'travel' updated to 'business travel', all by default.

We should travel not to escape life but for life to not escape from us.

A power couple of Ananya Singhal and Vinay Singhal, workaholics as they deserve to be called, decided to meet life and turn the page of their life's book when they went on a trip to Mashobra Hills only to get the surprise of their life.

Let's travel through their eyes.




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