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Breakups: Short-Term V/S Long-Term Relationships

In your entire life, you may come across with two sorts of relationships-- Long-term relationships and short-term relationships. And the remaining ones, just stumble upon one kind; and some prefer to stay single throughout their lives and die. And almost every relationships have one thing in common, breakups. The most-soul-sucking-but-worthy phase which every relation has to go through, well, not all of them. But, there's one aspect to notice, not all breakups have the same output. Of course, you cry, shriek, throw things around, be messy, eat a bucket of ice-cream while watching a sadistic and tedious romance flick. Nonetheless, the outcomes of a breakup depend on the quantity and quality of time you spent with your ex.

Read on to know how breakups are like when a relation is short-term or long-term.




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