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A man found his wife in bed with someone else, but there was nothing he could do

I never thought it would happen to me. Of course, everyone thinks, ’It happens to some people, but it’ll never happen to me.’ But the truth is, life brings us many unpleasant surprises and sad experiences.
My wife’s on vacation; the kid’s with the grandparents. I was in the city on business but finished up early and decided to go home. I unlocked the door and went into the bedroom...and my wife’s in bed. With someone else. Both of them are fast asleep, without so much as stirring at the sound of my entrance. Something broke in the depths of my soul; my heart froze. There was a kind of emptiness, a vacuum in my rib cage, and I could hardly breathe.
I didn’t try to wake them. I took a photo so she wouldn’t be able to deny it later on. I turned around and walked away quietly.
Five years of happy marriage. A wonderful son growing up fast. How could this happen, really? I didn’t know what to do.
My mind was a total mess.
Now I’m sitting in the kitchen, wondering how I’ll manage to go on living.




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