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A Journey Of Famous Hollywood Shooting Locations In Just A Minute

"All these moments will be lost in time, just like tears in the rain" - Phil Grishayev.

Cinema is one of the primary source of entertainment for most of us, and we all have those particular films in our heart which we admire a lot. Sometimes we praise them by reciting their dialogues, singing the song, dubbing the scenes, meeting the stars and sometimes we just revisit those filming locations to feel the magic.

No matter how hard we try, certain places are hard for us to visit, because our busy schedules don't give us the privilege to do so. We the people, known as movie geeks, film buffs, cinephiles, and a film junkie are born with movies in our blood. And if someone else visits the places for us, we enjoy it like we've been there with them.

What if I tell you that there's one lucky guy out there who is doing all these things for you?

Phil Grishayev, a video producer from Los Angeles, California, visits at least one filming location in a week. Phil shares his pictures on Instagram saying, it's a gift for all the cinephiles. Let's see, what he has in store for us!




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