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9 Awful Ways Technology Has Affected Our Lives

Technology has provided us with a relatively comfortable life. Instead of walking far distances, we have automobiles and fast trains. If we wanted to travel the world, there are airplanes and even private jets if you are incredibly rich. Basically, technology has become a part of our everyday lives. From how we listen to music to how we communicate with each other, technology has given us new and easier ways of doing things.

Sadly, there are also negative aspects of technology. Sure, we have been able to find our friends and relatives thanks to Facebook, but what if the social network has consumed our waking hours? I know a lot of people who cannot sleep without their smartphones near them, just in case a notification from Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram appears. So here's a simple message for everyone: use technology to develop relationships with others, do not use technology to be alone and ignorant of the warm, comfortable feeling of personally talking to each other.




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