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5 Ways to Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires

An energy vampire, or psychic vampire, literally feeds off the energies of those around them, attaching to a host and attempting to suck the person dry. When the person supplying the energy comes into full realization of the situation at hand, they will usually either ignore the person or let them go. Then, the cycle continues, as the energy vampire survives off of other people’s emotions. Now you know why happy, vibrant people can sometimes attract those with self-serving motives: energy vampires operate on such a low frequency that they must turn to people with high energetic levels to survive.

In today’s society, you have likely encountered people like this numerous times, but you may not have known how to best deal with them in order to shield yourself from their own draining energies. Next time you come across an energy vampire in the flesh, try these tactics to ensure that you maintain a healthy frequency:




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