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5 Things To Do If He Isn’t Over His Ex

When you get done with a relationship, it is always healthy that you get over your ex as soon as possible. Clinging to your past will only make you nostalgic and hurt you even more. However, some men have trouble doing so because of their nature. A guy may feel that he was too harsh to his ex or the breakup was his fault entirely. As a result, a part of him is never over his ex and he stays stuck with that person in their past. However, if your guy does this way, you are left in an awkward space where you constantly question your worth in his life. Here are a few things you must do if he is still not over his ex:


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    Find him a distraction in life

    Another way to help him forget his ex is by finding him a distraction in his life. This could be anything that takes their attention off their ex. This could be a new hobby or a new activity. Urge them to start the gym or find some exercise routines to do every day. Start some courses or lessons together. Take some evening classes and if you have no time, you can even start an online course. All of these things are good distractions. The ore distractions he has in life, the more his attention will stay diverted.


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