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5 Things That Happen To A Guy In The First Year Of His Relationship

The first year is probably the toughest year of a relationship. The bond, then, is similar to a newly born infant; you need to handle with extra care and attention. As a man, you need to face multiple problems and issues in this early stage. For your help, we list down some those things below:


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    Clash of memories

    Is it your first relationship, or you have been committed before? If latter is your answer, then I am afraid you are among those men who have to face a clash of memories in the first year of their relationship. It has not been much time since their breakup, and everything that their girlfriend does, reminds them of their ex. They are mostly stuck in a land of nowhere, where they struggle to decide a side. Although he is madly in love with her girlfriend, the memories of his ex-girlfriend keep on haunting him for a long time. So, if this is not your first time ensure that you know which side to pick. Remember, the more you think, the more you suffer.


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