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5 Habits That Portray You’re Too Easy To Get

Have you ever noticed the behavior of a man who likes you and does not have you yet? That man will do anything for you. He will be the nicest creature on the planet for you, because to him, you are the only thing that is missing in his life. He will always be sweet and caring and thoughtful, and you will only wonder how much of an amazing partner he will make. However, things take a complete U-turn once you get together. He is no more interested in chasing you for your happiness. In fact, he appears off at times. That is because now you are too easy for him. Here is how you are being too easy for a guy and he is not pursuing you:


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    You always rush to greet him

    You will always be too easy for a guy if you initiate everything. It is not necessary for you to run to him the moment you see him and start a conversation. That would not matter to him. Instead, let him come to you. Pretend like you did not see and let him walk towards you and make the first move. You can do it too but only sometimes. You need to let him enjoy the thrill of the chase because that is something that men always pursue when running after a girl.


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