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3 Signs You’re Trying Too Hard to Think Positive

In the process of overhauling your mind to make positive thinking a dominant part of your thought process, it can become easy to get lost in the rabbit hole, and actually try too hard to think positively. This can actually end up creating the opposite effect of your original intention, and you end up feeling like you’re back at square one in mastering the art of positive thinking.

You might find yourself comparing yourselves to others, seeing how you measure up against them spiritually, or even reject negative thoughts altogether, following ill advised spiritual “gurus” who claim that experiencing the full spectrum of human emotions, including pain or frustration, will “lower your vibration” or “cause an imbalance in your chakras.” In short, the path to positivity should be yours and yours alone, not dictated by what others claim as an absolute truth. Even if you have learned to follow your own path to enlightenment, you might still encounter some of these common signs that you’re forcing yourself to feel more positive, rather than allowing it to happen naturally.




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