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21 Ways to Break Free From Self-Neglect

From an early age, people are taught how to read and write, how to solve math problems, and how to be well mannered. We learn how to think critically and reach the next rung on the ladder toward success.

However, what we aren’t so thoroughly taught is how to manage the one part of our lives that matters most: our own self. Most people wake up one day to the realization that they have neglected themselves for years, opting to pay attention to the skills we learned in school to score well on tests, get into college, and find a good job. There’s a lot of pressure to fit in to society, and often leads to neglecting yourself and your desires in order to fit the mold others have shaped.

If you feel like you have been neglecting your true self, and want to reclaim your own individual power, here are 21 ways to release the self-neglect and give yourself what you deserve – self-respect!




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