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20 Quotes That Will Stop An Argument In Its Tracks

As a society, we tend to be losing our ability to debate without getting angry. Instead, we find ourselves drawing lines in the sand around our beliefs, and we forget to listen to the other side of the story. An argument begins when there is a disagreement that has the promise of compromise.

Most arguments these days are a result of two people trying to prove how right they are. There is no compromise. And instead, relationships are damaged, and no one is winning anything. There is no point in having creative ideas and innovative thought when we can’t convince someone else to listen so we can persuade them to consider an alternative point of view.

To have a good and fair argument, we must remain calm, respectful and committed to listening and hearing our opponent’s point of view. When we start there, we have a much better chance of a fair fight. If our opponent doesn’t share the same commitment to productive arguing, it is probably wise to consider walking away.

Walk away from any argument when the opponent chooses not to listen respectfully or when they exhibit anger, frustration or become verbally abusive. There is no “winning” an argument when the situation isn’t based on respectful communication. The other thing to remember is winning doesn’t come from changing someone’s mind; it comes from presenting a logical, factual and meaningful argument to support your point of view.

It’s hard to remember to take the high road in an argument, especially when we want other people to understand and validate our point of view. But take the high road we must. And something as simple as a quote can remind us not to engage in an argument that isn’t going anywhere. When we can begin to recognize the signs, we can make better choices and stop the argument before it gets out of hand.




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