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15 Insane Toilets Around The Globe You Need To Poop In Before You Die

When you are in a hurry of using the loo, you are literally in a hurry. At that time, you can't afford a single if, but or no. You just need to make your inner stuff taste the freedom of the outer world as soon as possible and for that, you can do anything and reach any height. Isn't it, guys?

All your life you've been doing poop at the same-old toilet seat, and it somehow has bored you by now. So, why not spice up your pooping experience? Go some exciting and thrilling spots and give them a big travel gift this year or the near future.

But, what if you are at any lonely planet where you have no source of pooping and peeing, what will you do at that time? Wait, wait, where are you going, are you going to buy a new set of the artificial toilet seats to make your any adventurous journey hassle free? Ha-ha, need not to, pal.

Down here are fifteen amazing toilet excerpts from worldwide you need to visit before you and your poop die.




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